International Day of Peace


Outcome:        To develop in children an awareness of peaceful words in everyday living as well as recognition for the International Day Of Peace.

Materials:       Construction paper, pencils, scissors.

Discussion:     Brainstorm- “peaceful words”. Caring, kindness, thank-you, respect, cooperation, helping, nice, O.K. etc.

The U.N. designated the International Day of Peace, as September 15, in 1981. Last year, young people in 32 countries all over the world took 1 minute of silence at noon, to support efforts for world peace.

On the International Day Of Peace we had a short assembly. Short introduction

of the purpose of the day, we sang our peace song then observed 1 minute of silence.

Ended with everyone saying “May peace prevail on earth”.


  Follow-up Activity:   Each student traces his/her hand (finger together) on construction paper. They then write their name on it and a peaceful word. Cut out hands. These will be sent to the office and placed on a bulletin board (on a tree). Display work.